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The World, the Wealth, and the Water


"Each drop of rain is game to move along,

That ole man river sings their favorite song.

And with an ancient smile, he carries them awhile

The sea of Love is where they all belong."

Let Go   (from album VI. ACIMHIP)


Wealth and water are intimately related in the myth of the world. Their 'shape' is determined by the vessel which holds them. Confined by the limitations of physical form, a vessel can only hold so much, and then it overflows, thus making room for more. Wealth and water continue on their paths replenishing other vessels along their journey. The true value of wealth and water is lost with any attempts to stop this natural flow.

This is the principle that guided my decision to offer all of the ACIM-inspired songs freely to everyone. This same principle will perhaps guide some to donate to the ACIMSONG website, so that the flow of wealth continues for the giver and the receiver as well.

A Peaceful Bounty for All,


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All the individuals we relate to in our dream existence can be likened to raindrops. So many raindrops fall and flow, streaming ceaselessly into the rivers that form our apparent 'lifes'. They can either refresh and satisfy, or leave us feeling cold and miserable. It all depends on which inner teacher we choose to use to interpret our 'reality' for us: The ego or the Holy Spirit. By choosing the right teacher, every relationship can be remembered peacefully, adding to the expansive quality of our present experience. We just need to remember to say 'yes' to forgiveness, and our fear-based memories can simply disappear, leaving only reflections of love. This is the miracle the course attempts to teach to our frightened little minds.


First of all, my expression of gratitude must go out to my partner of over 35 years, Sue Genereux. Her loving support, and remarkable endurance have been the foundation for any spiritual growth I may purport to have experienced. The artistic contributions of my son-in-law, César Barbosa García were invaluable in shaping into a stylish and unique medium. And, of course, a big thank you to my daughter, Renee. Her mystical presence dissolves all uncertainty. Her humor, sensitivity and mindfulness are a constant source of inspiration. I must also mention my grandchildren, Celeste and Dylan. They are daily reminders that life is forever fresh and filled with a newness that defies time.


I thank Rita Genereux, and Leo Genereux Senior, Diane Genereux, Robert Letendre, Alan Pare, Brother Cecillius, Sandra Barber, Robert and Carl Dubuc, Kathryn Semple, David long, Butch Giachelli,John Polce, Mike Agresti, Russel Sevigny, Bob Moulton, Stephen Fuoroli, Carl and Maddie Armstrong, the members of the band 'Benefit Street, and 'The Loose Ends' , the digging crew at Forest Hills Nursery, Rhode Island, Michael Metalica and the prospective members of 'Brotherhood of The Spirit' who shared the dormitory with me at that community. The Mayan community of Tixkokob in the Yucatan, Carlos Diego, archeologist, who befriended me at Tikal in Guatemala. Jacques Malot and the crew of the Nueva Flor, the helpful neighbors 'over the hill' in Nassau, Kathy 'Bouboulina' Miller, Louie Moonfire of the Moonfire Inn in Topanga ,and everyone who hired 'The Topanga Handyman' while I was learning how to be handy. Sybilla and other members of the 'Southpaw Band' in Winter Park, Florida.The Hell's Angels that invited me to play my guitar at their campfire one night in Northern California. Farbie for being my hitchhiking partner from Marin County to Grant's Pass. Jack Schwartz, Wanda Davidson, Rebecca Owens, Les Addison and all the members of the 'Freedom Express' band. The Birdseye family for choosing me to help restore their historical log cabin. Dolph Remp and the waiters at the Sailing Ship Restaurant, San Francisco, while I worked as the handyman there. Dr. Freda Morris of The Hypnosis Clearing House, and all the fellow students who took her hypnotherapy course with me in Berkeley. Ken Keyes Junior and all the other residents while I staid there at the Ken Keyes Consciousness Growth Center in Coos Bay, Oregon. Sue Patterson, who persuaded me to come to Australia, Geoffrey and Monica Patterson for their acceptance and generosity. Sandi and John McCleod. Lorraine and Chris Andersson, Barbara Faulconer, Richard Ypenberg, Robin and Eric Young, Lorraine Stevens and Ian Stevens.Mick Coombes and all the other friendly neighbors of the village of Mount George, NSW. The openess and friendship of Rodney and Vicky Spicer, Graeme Bird, David Short, Keith Missingham, Graham Beston. Eleanor Gash, and for the comraderie of the forest blockade protestors at Mummel Gulch in the old growth forest of New South Wales. Barry and Patrick Guest, Gordon Macpherson, Bud 'Hookybox' Abbot, Peter Amos, Gary Spicer, Darren Swannack, John Hawkins, 'Stormin' Norman' Boyd, Judy Browne, Arlo Browne, Lorraine and Ian Stevens, Sara Isson and all those who came to our 'Cuppa Chat and Company' support group over the years. And also the attendees of our Hearing Voices support group. And thanks to all the fellow volunteers at Lifeline Australia, Taree. Also to the gifted Hugh Cowley, and his sister, Jessica, to the gentle spirit, Leigh Wiggins. And John O'Donnel and all of the residents at the elderly care facilities that appreciated our modest musical offerings. Thanking also Elise Wynyard, Mike Blacklock, Diane Favelle, and all those who attended our ACIM study groups over the years. To Peter Kluesner, and Gabriela Karpaty for her feedback on the ACIM-inspired songs, and her delicious cookies.

And finally, an all inclusive thank you to every apparent being who seemed to have taken on a separate identity here in the illusory world of form, momentarily forgetting, like the person called 'leo', Who we really Are.

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