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Chips of The Final Frontier Collection

This is a whirlwind tour of the Final Frontier.  Those unaccustomed to the radical teachings of A Course in Miracles may experience dizziness or blurred vision while reading the verses below. Be not alarmed. Those temporary effects are but desperate attempts by your insanity to delay your sanity's inevitable journey into the territory of self-forgiveness and inner peace.


"Nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exist.

Herein lies the peace of God."

A Course in Miracles   T-Intro. 2:2-4.


"The song of innocence is left unheard
By the guilty for which never has occurred.
Belief in my creepy 'reality',
Is the only monster chasing me."


A Tiny, Mad Idea   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"The self-accused moves wearily burdened by his beliefs
upon the cruel and lonely world he bitterly condemns.
The self-forgiven walks lightly on his peaceful earth.
Beside his  brothers forgiven,
Beside all his brothers forgiven...,"


All Is Forgiven   (from album IV. ACIMUP)

"What I am is waking from
The dream of hell where I believed
That casting judgment would save me from
The guilt of being who I am."


Awakening   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"I make war with my shadow
Cast by a guilty moon.
Lost within the futile fury
Of a warring fool.
I am the warring fool."


A Warring Fool   (from album  IX. ACIMFUSE)

"The simple truth is absolute
And speaks from deep within;
To be free from my slavery     
To everyone freedom be given."


Beginnings   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"Delusional magic that I chose for my tragic
Substitution for the Life that is mine
Has left me depleted, bereft, and defeated
Believing I am an impossible crime."


Being Is Having   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"Death is the payoff
Pain is the game
Fear keeps the ego's
Believers in chains."


Beware The Wild Ego   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"The weeper's curse could not contain
The Self that shares one name.
As the sleeper awakens from his night
Love is born again."


Born In Me Today   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"But a child is this!
Bruised by hallucinations
Fearful and sad it drifts along
In its holographic notions."


But A Child Is This   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)

"No matter how I play it, no matter how I say it
So long as I choose to cruise with the way it is
Because it's the way it is.
Now  I finally get  it, just how my wise mom said it;
May as well  choose to lose the blues
'Cause that's the way it is."


C'est Parfait   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"A wish to be separate is a wish for pain
Abandon this idea insane.
By chasing away all our phantoms of fear
Love's certainty is all that remains."


Conflicting Wishes   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"Beyond the sound
Of the frightened voice that brings me down
Deeper still where truth abides
There is a Voice of another kind."


Crossroads Of My Mind   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"But nothing ever was nor ever will be
Beyond the Oneness that is.
I need but abandon my make believe 'me',
Remembering that Being is painless."


Cut To The Bone   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"Beyond the shadow dance  boundless Love is waiting
Beyond  the shadow dance the light of truth awakens
All the shadow dancers from our choice for sorrow
All the shadow dancers from our sad tomorrows."


Dancing In The Shadows   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"To recall the ancient song so sadly missed
Each and every dreamer shares the secret wish
To sing again this melody of bliss


Eternally   (from album X. ACIMness)


"With a tiny spark of love
That comes from deep within                                              
I release myself
From the darkness I was in
And light fills everything."


Everything   (from album X. ACIMness)


"Fading are all forms of pain,  
Grim demons disappear
Angels hover near
On this sunshine day."


Forever Sunshine Day   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


Givers of blame are doomed to remain
In the game of angry names  and constant pain...
Forgiveness is the only gift to give."


Forgiveness Is   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Dark dreams are ending, dispelled by the light
In this miracle moment, free of my body.
Gone are the nightmares, gone is my plight
With my spirit to guide me free of my body."


Free Of My Body   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)      


"If the vicious voice within my head is filling me with dread
It's because I chose to idolize one of my little gods instead.
Stressing out in my split mind world, filled with conflicting goals,
Bumpity bump I take the dumps, my gods are filled with potholes."


God Is   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"Freedom from the nemesis of time
Forever safe within the timeless Mind
In the greatest story ever told
Self-forgiveness is our only role."


Gold   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"But I'm learning that my safety net
Is but a spider's web,
And I am but the hopeless
Fly entangled in my dread."


Gotta Get Out Of Here    (from album  I. ACIMGO)


"And the wind blows through the trees
What is it whispering
To the grey green cloud?
Begone, begone grey green cloud!"


Grey Green Cloud   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"Guilt is the night
Where dark creatures stay
Love is the daylight
That melts them away."


Guilt Is   (from album I. ACIMUP)


"We feel the gentle summer breeze
We see the eagle soar
We hear the laughter of the trees
We touch forevermore."


Here We Are   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)

"All fear must disappear
When fearless love has come
As we forgive our blinding ideas
All brothers become one."


Holy World   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"Nothing but an instant  separates us from the One
Nothing but our fear foils our communion
No sin has been committed,
No evil has been done,
We remain the Innocence of Heaven."


Home   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"If I ache, therefore I am
Believing my own scam
I'm hallucinating nightmares,
Forgetting what I truly am."


I Ache   (from album I. ACIMUP)


"Am I certain that reality
Is what my body's eyes perceive,
Or am I unaware of how
My loneliness deceives me?"


I Am Not Alone   (from album X. ACIMness)

"If I let go of every thought of suffering,
The world can  be released of pain,
By denying the denial of truth I could now
Feel Love's embrace forever unchanged."


I Loose The World   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"I want to see what I denied
Beyond these eyes that witness  lies
I want to break free of these chains
Weary prisoner of my  own game."


I Was Mistaken   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"With faith do I follow
As truth leads the way.
Gentleness shows me the way to go
The light of forgiveness brightens each day
Feeling the warmth of kindness glow."


I Will Step Back   (from album IV. ACIMUP)

"To mad beliefs alone could I be bound
For truth is free and only love surrounds.
No prison walls exists but in my mind
Projected on a world that I define."


If I Am Bound   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"My little self looks around with his body's eyes
And what he sees that seems so real gives rise to fear
Playing the part of a loner who desperately tries
To find love in his world of Imaginare."


Imaginare   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"In a candle's light, in a flake of snow
In the stillness of the night just before the morning's glow.
In the happy smile of a waking child
Realizing it was just a bad dream all the while."


In A Grain Of Sand   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"All I see through ego's eyes
Is guilt externalized
The drug of dread
and deadly pride;
An overdose of lies."


Journey To Paradise   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"All that I behold
Are subjects of my domain
Yet as my body's eyes declare them real
I'm filled with fear;
How unruly is
This personal reign!"


Kingdom Of Me   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"The loneliness to which I was so prone
Was just the price I paid to be alone
But everyone I see is just the same as me;
Travelers on the journey going home."


Let Go   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"Today can be that holy day that I become aware
My mindless game of differences can not undo
The love we share."


Let Me Perceive No Differences Today   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"Life is formless
Life is free
The spirit of Life is
The one and only true reality.


Life is laughing
Life is joy
Life forgives this silly boy
For forgetting what life is."


Life Is   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"My thanks makes room for all
That will escape with me;
The sick, the weak, the needy
The lost and greedy, all will escape."


Love Alone   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"Love will never change it will always stay the same
In innocence we all remain within its blissful domain
Patiently Love is waiting for all of us to  choose to be
Aware of where we really are within Its arms eternally."


Love Is   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"Peace and joy I offer you
That peace and joy be mine
As I leave self hatred behind
Gentleness blossoms in my mind,
Making Room for Love,  
Making Room for Love."


Making Room For Love   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"By freeing Who we really are
From our crazed identities
We can find a way out of this maze
Together we can see."


Mazed   (from album IV. ACIMFUSE)


"Fear is what we choose
When love is what we fear
Our choice to be lonely
Keeps love from coming near."


Much Mistaken   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"When the murky waters inside begin to rise
It's time to leave my ballast behind
With a moment's pause from the sinking cause
I can choose the buoyant Mind."


My Election   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Today I learn
The law of Love
The law of Love I learn today
That what I give to my brother
Is my gift to me
What will my giving be?"

My Gift To Me   (From album VI. ACIMFLOW)

"Supersized servings of anger and fear
Nibbling  bag after bag of bitterness
Dipping into desserts of despair.
Should I wonder why I feel so depressed?"

My Mind Food   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)

"There's a fundamental frown beneath the smile you see
Hiding secrets as the migraine pounds
The face of innocence conceals the savagery
Within the psyche of the mythical man."


Mythical Man   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"Homeless are the separate ones
Exiled by their own desire
Mindless bodies clash and cling
How desperately... they aspire."


Nature Roaring At The Wind   (From album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"Finally I'm seeing the cause of my being
Bereft of any sense of home
Everyone is needed for any one's completion
Salvation leaves no one alone."


Nothing But The Truth   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Only in the mind asleep
Dreams are born of fear unreal
Only mind asleep can dream
The real world's not what it seems."


Only Mind Asleep   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Who is this dude in his holy shoes
And tears carved on his face?
Just another desperado much like me
The difference is I hide my poverty."


Poverty   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


Whispering so quietly
Only when my mind is free
Do I hear His whispering."


Quietly   (from album X. ACIMness)


"And as the waves approach the castle
The son smiles and holds his father's hand
Peacefully they watch the towers tumbling
Remembering they are made of sand."


Remembering   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"Love echoes through each dreamer's mind
The gentle whisper
A touch so kind
A peaceful feeling deep within."


Reverie Of Love   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"But, beyond the body's eyes,  beyond the madness that I chose
Untouched by time, forever's Love is mine.
And so I choose again, forgiveness for the self condemned
And I realize what seems to die was never really alive."


Running Out Of Time   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"Sadness sighs and drearily drags
Its aching feet across the day
Making sure all those around
Can taste its bitter sound."


Sadness Sighs   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Sail away from your sorrows
The innocent wind will take you now
Sail away
The rays of guiding light are bright today."


Sail Away   (from album IV. ACIMFLOW)


"What I am, in truth Is not the prisoner of this dream
With all my brothers in Heaven there I still remain."


Salvation   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"In the shadow zone I stood alone                          
Surrounded by my enemies
In the shadow zone hell was my home
Death was the only certainty."


Shadow Zone   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"My judgments, I admit, have all been wrong
By illusions I've been blinded for so long
Now I look upon my brothers
With eyes that finally see
Everyone is just the same as me."


Shining In Me Now   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"But, what if this were all a dream
A mad idea, a mere nightmare?
A tragic play we wrote in haste
Called 'The Universe of Time and Space ?"


Space And Time   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"When I catch myself judging again
I remember it's time for the spinner
A smile inside, a smooth, easy glide
Above the war zone of the 'sinner'."


Spinner   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"Flesh and bone are merely part of a dream
But in the eyes of the  dreamer,
That's not how it seems."


Spirit Am I   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"Dropping out of the mindless
Insane drive for happiness
Surrendering to the moment
Stolen from madness."


Stolen From Madness  (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"The Sweeper wakens gently
All the children from our dread
Vanishing the phantoms
that were underneath our bed."


Sweeping   (from album X. ACIMness)


"The sweet little bluebird is the joy that's within me
Awaiting to wake  from my choice not to hear
And by sharing his love song the world smiles to greet me
Everyone's breathing the same breath of fresh air."


Sweet Little Bluebird   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"The choice is mine, the choice is mine
A gentle Voice reminds me
To choose between the fear of flying
Or soaring high above."

The Choice Is Mine   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"The final frontier, beyond all appearances
Borderland where all kindness abides
Where all self condemners, accepting their innocence,
Are no longer needing to hide."


The Final Frontier   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"The blind become accustomed to their world
Learning through  fear to be afraid
Unable to see the  hazards  they hurl
Tripping on the bitterness they made."


The Forgotten Song   (from album X. ACIMness)


"How weak is fear, how meaningless!
Only the fearful can be afraid
Can a frightened mouse attack the Universe?;
The laughable scenario of the self-made."


The Frightened Mouse   (from album II. ACIMBLUE)


"Most every morning wears a dismal frown
I'm sure the day is gonna bring be down
I drag my feet and wear my thorny crown
On the rocky road of life,  
In the play I call, 'My Life'."


The Hero Of My Play   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"Mindlessly rolling from scene to scene
The human bean seems to be being
But it is just having a dream of being,
The bean is but having a dream."


The Human Bean   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"Idleness brings on my guilt,
Busy-ness makes amends.
My weary world I see was built
With caffeine and clever hands."


The Hush Of Heaven   (from album IV. ACIMUP)


"The choice to be enslaved
Within my fear and misery
Dissolving with a joyful tear
From the I that sees."


The I   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)

"A gentle Voice  guiding my choice,
Whispering what to do
Tells me of eternal Love
And only Love is true."


The Light Has Come   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"Within this net is conflict
Without the net is peace.
Fear is but my bondage
Love is my release. "


The Safety Net   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"An attempt to prove that Everything
Could be replaced by more
How pitiful is the mindless wish
To hide behind a wall."


The Shadow Wall   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"The choice for something more, more than Everything
Has left me alone, hustling to find a home
Unknown is the feeling called bliss
And ecstasy is just a name on a drug dealer's list."


The Spirit Speaks   (from album VIII. ACIMGLOW)


"Now is the only time there is
And it is now that I am redeemed
My only real need is self forgiveness
For making up such awful dreams. "


This Instant Is The Only Time There Is   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"If the only real victims are
The prey of their own beliefs
On the ancient ship of fear
Beware of many reefs."


This Sinking Ship   (from album V. ACIMRIDE)


"The journey without distance  into the timeless now
Begins the instant I admit I really don't know how,
How to know what love is like beyond the clouds of fear
Beyond the game of hungry names that I hold  so dear."


This Way   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"Through these eyes
Images of suffering, pain, and demise
Clawing at the fabric of my dream
Threadbare, and unraveling."


Through These Eyes   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"Today I defy the ego's demand
To judge and damn the puppet man.
Demands to condemn this make-believe I
By my choice for Love, today I defy."


Today I Defy   (from album X. ACIMness)


"Poverty, Exile, Self-Pity and Dismay;
These are the whistle stops along the way.
Nightmare fantasies have replaced Heaven's reality
A train of fear claims all who self-betray."


Train Of Fear   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"Tonight  I span across the strand
Beyond my ocean of cares
Above the shores that restless tides score
Where I stood confused and unaware."


Unaware   (from album X. ACIMness)


"The Valuable is quietly waiting
To surround me with unending bliss
I need but to choose unchangingly
Not to value  the valueless."


Valueless   (from album IX. ACIMFUSE)


"Within the ancient Love remembered
From outside this dream of misery
All brothers and I are joined as one
Whatever suffers is not part of me. "


Whatever Suffers   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)


"What could lie beyond the gates where nothing lies beyond?
Curiosity impelled the Son
And because his will is free
He chose insanity
And he seemed to leave the shared Kingdom of One."


Where Nothing Goes   (from album III. ACIMJIVE)


"Waiting  deep within.  
Where perfect love casts out fear
Is the final frontier
There's no where to go
For we are  already there."


Where Will We Go?   (from album X. ACIMness)


"All my sorrows rely on my
Being  so certain of who I am
But,  who am I?"


Who Am I?   (from the album X. ACIMness)


"What seems  to sadly fade,
Are just the games we played
The truth of Love was never really far,
'X' always marks the spot right where we are."


X   (from album VI. ACIMFLOW)


"The lies I told myself have made me sad
Belief in sin is just insanity
Today there is no need for feeling bad
For You are here with me."


You Are Here With Me   (from album I. ACIMGO)


"As I watch its vigor disappear,
This idol dream of fear
A smile  unlocks  the cages
Of all my brothers in the zoo."


Zoo   (from album VII. ACIMHIP)

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